The Stupid Android: the Status Bar

This is a series of articles about Android’s stupid design. Android is a mobile operating system packed with unpleasant design, unfinished features and a platform full of bugs and fragmentation. No wonder the dynamic layout system that Android is using is based on Fragments. Coding with Android is already a pain in the ass, designing for it is even more so.

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Adding Windows 8.1 Live Tiles to Your Website

This website now contain full support of Windows 8.1 / Internet Explorer 11 Live Tiles.

Live Tiles feature was firstly introduced when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7, and later this feature was brought to Windows desktop and tablet platform with Windows 8. When developers are developing Windows Store Apps, they can choose to add Live Tiles to their Apps, which bring immersive and active feeling to the whole system. With Live Tiles pinned to user’s Start Screen, new content is showed right on the tiles and the user won’t even have to open the App. This feature, in many ways, acts like the Notification Center in other mobile systems (i.e. iOS and Android).

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, web developers like me can add Live Tiles to their websites as well. When the website has new content, it will automatically appear on user’s screen if they’ve pinned your tile. And the progress of adding a Live Tile is extremely easy. Notice that this feature is only available on Windows 8.1.

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