About Me

My name is Frank Septillion (王跃琨). I studied computer science in college, and I am a fluent English speaker.


I have this strange obsession of naming all my projects with peculiar and completely unrelated names. It helps me keep my interests up because every time I introduce these projects to other people, the names entertain me a little.

project-cyanProject Cyan

A CMS (content management system) designed to help doctors keep track of the status of their patients. With the help of modern digital devices and the internet, doctors are now able to jot down and mark up patients’ conditions through out their entire hospitalization process without the need of always carrying a notebook and a pen. Further, the advanced search functionality makes sure finding and locating certain patient is handy-dandy.

The Project Cyan is designed and built for Google’s Android platform, and is open-source. Its source code is available on Github.

img_1011Project Great Wall-E

During the summer vacation of 2015, I participated in a summer work & travel program via Spirit Cultural Exchange. The work & travel program is issued by the United States Department of State, and is meant to attract foreign college students to experience American culture and society first-hand.

I worked at Chula Vista Resort of Wisconsin Dells, WI, as several roles. Chula Vista Resort is famous for its indoor and outdoor water parks and its international staff team. I was lucky enough to work with Turks, Thais, Taiwanese, Mongolians, Romanians, Jamaicans, and of course, American people.

I also briefly worked for Starbucks Inc., where I was able to learn the basics of making coffee with a billion dollar coffee machine. I am obviously not able to recreate the work I did at home, but the least I can do is order my favorite blend at a local Starbucks shop, being capable of understanding the nonsense that the staff is putting forward, knowing my coffee is not a regular shot on the menu but unique to me.

project-irProject Impotent Rage

A secret project that I put together with my friend Dick, who is an advanced coder. I’m not ready to release the detail of this project to the public, but stay tuned. It will blow your mind.

project-aProject Avalon

It’s kinda unnecessary to explain the nature of Project Avalon, because you’re looking right at it. This website, septillion.cn is the result of Project Avalon.

I started Project Avalon five years ago. Back then, the website didn’t even have a independent domain name, and was running on a shared PaaS server. But one thing is for certain: this website is always meant to be a personal non-profitable blog that no ads should appear on.

Running a website in China ain’t easy.

For starters, for the website to be visible at all, I have to register myself as the web admin and declare explicitly what is gonna appear on the website to the government. This way, the politicians know who to contact when they find out there’s something on a website they don’t like.

Then you have to deal with security issues. Most of the websites as you know is just another application running on a computer, but instead of showing its user interface to the operator of the computer, it shows it to the public through a browser. That means, the website too has its own operating system, its software packages, and their security flaws. Luckily, I have my hosting service dealing with securities so that I can focus on other aspects.

That’s not all. You’re constantly battling with ad issuers and their ISP moles. ISPs sometimes hijack your website in its way of reaching the user and inserts ads on the page. That means I have to enable whole-site HTTPS even if the website doesn’t have anything to do with user information and payment systems.

Finally the most important part, the content you’re able to put together. People read your website because they’re interested in the content, not the fancy interface, not the design, nor loading speed.

I’ve put a lot of work into the makings of this website. And this is easily THE project that I’m most proud of.


This section is a little embarrassed to write, because this is where I start bragging about myself and what I’m capable of.

Anyhow, let’s count them down.

img_0386Advanced Computer Skill

Because I study computer science in the college, I am naturally skilled at all things digital.

Operating Systems

Although my daily driver is a MacBook, I am proud to say that I’m a fluent user of every major operating systems. I do most of my work on macOS, but I’ve been using Windows for more than a decade due to software availabilities and stuff. The website you’re seeing is running on a Linux server, namely the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

And I am an active user of mobile operating systems. iOS is the platform I encounter with everyday, but as a developer for Android, I’m that kind of guy who steps on both sides of the world.


Part of my life is dedicated to the things that are good-looking. That’s why I’m deeply enthusiastic about design. I helped designed Canton Motor’s business card, BlueBell Photography’s Logo and the entire user interface of Project Rent-it. Also, I designed all my Keynotes and PPTs during college and was rewarded “PPT master” title.

It’s not just about the tools I’m using, but the underline recognition of beauty that I’m more proud of. Don’t compare me to Steve Jobs, but I’d say I have more sense of beauty than Bill Gates.

Video Editing

Part of my side project, the Project Acid Allergic Agent involves being a YouTuber and video editing is a basic skill, for obvious reasons.

I am aware of the fact that the result of an edited clip depends heavily upon the source file that was recorded, which made me familiar with camera gears and concepts.

Website Development & Maintenance

This is a pretty easy one. Just look at the website you’re reading. This website is running on a Ubuntu Linux server and Nginx + MySQL. The app that’s running is called WordPress, the most widely used blog system around the globe.

Software Development

I used to develop for Windows Platform (WPF & UWP) and Android (using only Android Studio). I am familiar with basic concepts of software development, and have several open-source projects.

In a nutshell, I know DEV.

Consumer Electronics

Because I work with computers, I am naturally interested with accessories of computers. I am constantly checking out the consumer electronics industry and have my understanding of those brands and gadgets and their values.

One day I joked to my father: “I could be a consultant on buying electronic sh*t after I retire”.

English Language

I always have this talent of learning and understanding a language at a faster pace than most other people. I learn language in a different way: instead of learning it as a subject at school, I use it every day as a tool.

Because I work in Information Technology industry, English language is on a must know basis. I was forced to read and listen to tons of materials. While listening, I tend to try imitating how native speakers speak rather than learn oral English from a orally crippled Chinese teacher (come on).

This way, I was able to actually use English language as a way of communication instead of an A+ on a test paper.

I didn’t take too many English exams to show off my ability, but I did participated in several speech contests and won some small awards. I’ve been to the U.S. once and it turned out I can live in a complete English-speaking environment without the help from others.


The fact that you can feel the struggle in Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20 and the powerful roar in La Campanella is the best proof of the music being the true universal language. There is this magical bond among all human that scientists are still trying to find out the nature of.

I became obsessed with music since I was very young. I learned piano for six years, but the most precious asset I gained from playing piano is that I now have a deeper understanding of what the music is trying to express.

To Whom That’ll Be Hiring Me

Before we talk about compensation and welfare, one thing I want to make clear is: I don’t give a damn about money.

I always wanted to live this Utopian fantasy that everyone is fighting for the things they deeply love. This is the reason why I do what I love, not what I find most profitable.

Otherwise the world would be dull and gray, wouldn’t it?

Most of the employers would like to talk passion with their employees, hoping that a talk would bring them enthusiasm about work.

No. Don’t take passion for granted.

Passion is a divine gift for those who are true to their hearts and doing what they’re really willing to. And I’m that kind of guy who’s passionate about what I love and, on all the projects I’ve mentioned before, I’ve put a lot of effort to the achieving of them.

This doesn’t mean that I am willing to be under paid or unfairly treated. On the contrary, the salary I receive should perfectly represent my value to you and your company.

I deeply understand that my value to you is the most important factor you’re looking at when deciding who to hire. That’s why I put forth my projects before demonstrating about my skills. And as time goes on, I would update this page and show more of my projects to the world.